A Beautiful Mess

I'm not sure how old you're suppose to be before reflecting on your life, but that time has come for me. Now I understand that 30 isn't old. Some may even laugh at this idea, but I'm at a place where I'm reading the story of my life. I reflect on the chapters of my [...]


Entering In

“I am so excited to see all the volunteers.” These were the words from Tony, an 8 year old boy who lives in inner city Alabama. After school every day, Tony goes to Common Ground, a youth center located in an at risk neighborhood. He is not the only one. Common Ground serves a variety [...]

Praise and Warships

I remember my very first worship service. I was entering my last semester of high school and a friend invited me to church. I remember the moment clearly. Bobby Wheat was leading worship and Jay Smith was playing drums. I was sitting on the couch watching the people around me sing songs. They were jumping… [...]

Trash and Treasure

Wow. Potter's House is a legit organization. They keep an eye on the short term need while focusing on the long term goal. I am very impressed with this place. Today I got to experience some of the short term things... things like home repairs or doing VBS for the kids whose family is working [...]